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September 19, 2018

Members, please assist by repairing pitch marks on the greens and replacing divots and topping up with a light sand.  Every little bit will help with re-growth.  Thank you

July 21, 2018 Greens report

With a great start to the month of June & the AMITEE yearly meeting our start to winter was looking rather wet with 20mm in the first week of June, but since the first week in June we have received 13mm of rainfall and the course has held together nicely!

Our Fairway fertiliser program we started just before June has had great results and colour for a number of weeks throughout June. This will continue on selected fairways in the weeks to come. Mid June it was time to let our greens breathe by opening them up with a Solid tine then followed by a roll to smooth over any disruptions to the playing surface. This is a vital cultural practice that all golf courses practice to help with water penetration, reduce soil compaction and overall plant health.

With a warmer end to June saw our Poa Triv Overseeding of the Bay (NORTH) course strike again with night time minimum temperature’s in the 15-16 degree range from the 10th-17th of June gave the Poa a chance to strike even more and give further coverage in our greens. With temperature’s now being very low normal winter mornings and nights our dormant 328 greens are able to relax and still maintain great coverage for this time of year.

As some of you may have seen the leak we had found left of the 2nd path of the Bay Course this week. This leak was a part of our main line which needed to be repaired ASAP. It was very unfortunate to find that the Casuarina tree’s root ball was on the very edge of our leak and with the assistance of Glen Wolfenden’s excavator to remove the root ball to continue our repair. A massive thanks to Glen for being able to help with less than 24 hours notice much appreciated by the guys on the repair!!

This week saw us continue on our greens foliar fertiliser program on both course and growth regulator programs.

In the next week or 2 we will be looking to put out a light dusting and roll to help improve our putting surfaces before Pennants good luck to the Nudgee Pennant team this year. As we hit the middle of winter a reminder to all early morning players that we are receiving slight frosts across all playing surfaces so to avoid these areas until the frost disappears would be much appreciated by greens staff to avoid frost damage to the leaf.


Happy Golfing

Scott McComas


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