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Visitors are welcome to play at Nudgee Golf Club 7 days a week. Although bookings are not essential, we recommend you contact us on 07 3267 5885 for all bookings on weekends and public holidays, alternatively visit our online golf booking system for social and open competition golf bookings

Please follow our dress requirements and display course etiquette at all times. Contact our pro shop for selected hire equipment.



1. Introduction

This Policy is to ensure competition rounds are played in an appropriate manner to make golf more enjoyable for everyone, by:

 Ensuring players keep pace with the group ahead;

 Establishing inside 4 hours 20 minutes as the target time for a 4-player group to complete an 18 hole competition round;

 Introducing, educating and enforcing ready golf standards;

 The Rules of Golf states:

The Committee may establish pace of play guidelines that all players should follow. It is a group’s responsibility to keep up with the group in front.

The initial objective is very clear - Keep Pace with the group ahead

Undue Delay; Slow Play:

The player shall play without undue delay and in accordance with any pace of play guidelines which may be laid down by the Committee.

2. Target Time – Inside 4 hours 20 minutes.

At Nudgee Golf Club it is expected that all competition rounds should be completed inside 4 hours 20 minutes. The responsibility will lie with the first groups teeing off to ensure they ‘lead’ the field at a suitable pace to achieve the Target Time. From time to time circumstances may negatively influence the actual time taken; yet all efforts should be made to meet the Target Time inside 4 hours 20 minutes.

3. Target Interval – 8 minutes

The starting interval time between groups will be eight (8) minutes. It is expected that all groups maintain the interval time of eight (8) minutes with the group ahead throughout the round. From time to time circumstances may cause the interval time to exceed eight minutes; however all effort should be made to catch up with the group in front.

4. Ready Golf

If a group is not Keeping Pace with the group ahead, it is expected that they will adopt Ready Golf until they have ‘caught up’ with the players ahead.

Quite simply, Ready Golf is a common sense approach to play the ball when ready:

 Dismiss all honours;

 Don’t wait for others before approaching the tee and hitting;

 Proceed to your ball as quickly as possible, including those in carts;

 Play the ball as soon as it is safe to do so.

Each player should play when ready, as long as doing so will not interfere with others, especially on the tee. Shorter hitters can often hit first, especially on the tee.

5. Monitor & Enforce

It is considered a player’s responsibility to be attentive to their pace of play. Under no circumstances shall the player approach, confront or abuse the monitor or another member or guest


Timesaver Hints To Be Promoted To Members

  •  Report to the starter 15 minutes prior to your hit off time
  •  Move to the tee when called on stand-by
  •  Play when ready especially on the tee – remember shorter hitters can often hit first, especially on the tee
  •  Proceed briskly and directly to your ball between shots
  •  Where possible carefully watch all shots to help pinpoint the position of the ball
  •  Keep up with the group in front, not in front of the group behind
  •  Record scores while others are hitting off the next tee - NOT before leaving the previous green.
  •  Leave your clubs/carts at the exit of the green towards the next tee
  •  Line up your putt while others are putting
  •  When in doubt, notify your marker and hit a provisional ball
  •  Quickly purchase food/drink. If out of position, do not stop for a conversation
  •  When 2 players have putted out whilst the other players are putting out proceed to the next tee


Competition Types / Formats

Single Stroke
The score at each hole is entered on the score card, totalled and the player's full handicap deducted. The player who completes the stipulated round in the fewest nett strokes will be the winner. Usually a gross winner is also determined.

Single Stableford
This system of scoring by points was introduced by Dr. Frank Stableford of the Wallasey Golf Club (Liverpool) in 1932 and has become very popular. The popular method of playing in a Stableford competition is for the player to take strokes at holes as in a Par competition using full handicap and to score points for the nett result at each hole. At the end of the round all points scored are added up and the player having the highest number of points is the winner.

In scoring after allowing for handicaps, a player who scores par receives 2 points, for 1 over par - 1 point, for a birdie or 1 under par - 3 points, for an eagle or 2 under par - 4 points, and so on.

For example, a player receiving a stroke on a par 4 hole scores 4 giving the player a nett 3; for this the player receives 3 points. A player at a par 3 hole scores a 4 but does not receive a stroke; for this the player would receive 1 point.

Medley Competition
Played as four ball Par or Stableford - but two men or two ladies or a man and a lady may pair.

Handicap - Total combined handicap divided by 1/8 for a group of 4 players or 1/6 for a group of 3 players.

Method of play:
Lowest marker is captain of each group. All players drive from the tee. Best ball is then selected and played as it lies. Other balls are lifted and placed within one club length of position of selected ball, if the selected ball lay in the rough, bunker, fairway, hazard, tee block or any other part of the golf course, all other players must play within that area. i.e if selected ball lays in the rough, all other players must play from the rough. Play proceeds in this manner until ball is holed.

A minimum of 3 drives each player is recommended, although not compulsory.  At Nudgee we include minimum of 3 drives each as mandatory.

Chapman Foursomes
Both players play 2 shots at each hole with their own ball. One ball is then selected and play proceeds as in foursomes with the partner of the owner of the ball playing the third shot. Handicap is 3/8 aggregate stroke handicap.

American / Pinehurst Foursomes
Both players play tee shots at each hole, then play a second stroke with their partner's ball. One ball is then selected and play proceeds as in foursomes with the owner of the ball selected playing the third stroke. Handicap allowance is 3/8 of aggregate stroke handicap for stroke competitors.

Four Ball Best Ball Stableford
The Stableford system is used for this competition. However, in 4BBB Stableford two players play as partners although the hole is played by each of them, using their individual full handicaps.

At the conclusion of the hole, that player recording the highest number of points has his or her score entered on the card. If both partners score equally on the hole, the score of the player who first completed the hole will be recorded.

There is no need to record both scores since only the best score is required, as the competition name applies.

The winner is determined by adding the scores for each nine holes and totalling for eighteen holes. The team with the most points is the winner.

To speed up the game, it is customary practice for players to pick up their ball once it is impossible for them to exceed their partner's score.

4BBB Stableford can be played as a mixed, members or ladies event. Ladies use their own tees and scorecard conditions.

Occasionally, clubs run individual Stableford events in conjunction with a 4BBB. The club may require individual results to be recorded on the Four Ball card, or ask for separate cards for the individual event.

When marking the scorecard, the number of strokes taken must always be shown for holes where points are scored. Thus, the card records both strokes and points.

Four Ball Aggregate Stableford
As the name implies, the Stableford system is used in this event and the competition is played with a partner, as in a Four Ball Best Ball Stableford event.

Individual full handicaps are applied to each player and the number of points scored by each player is recorded at the end of every hole, as well as a total or aggregate score for the team.

Players' scores are totalled at the end of nine holes and compared with the aggregate score. This should balance with the total of each player's result.

Both sets of nine holes are added together to give total points for each player and an overall result. The team having the highest number of points is the winner.

When marking the scorecard, note that both strokes and points should be shown.

Often a club will run an individual Stableford event in conjunction with a Four Ball Aggregate event. In this case, the club may determine individual results from their Four Ball card, or alternatively, ask for separate cards for the individual events.

Aggregate Stableford can be played as a mixed, men or ladies event. Ladies use their own tees and scorecard conditions.

Four Ball Match Play
This event is regularly played at club level, and generally the same conditions as for individual Match Play apply.

Handicaps are applied by reducing the stroke and handicaps of all players by the handicap of the low handicap player, who will then play off scratch. The other three players are then allowed their resulting handicaps.

Strokes are taken in accordance with the Match Play index on the scorecard. For example, if Player A's handicap is 10, Player B's 22, Player C's 15 and Player D's 11; then Player A would be off scratch, B off 12, C off 5 and D would play off 1.

D would get a stroke at the number 1 hole on the Match Play index, C on holes 1 to 5 and so on.

Once again, players should refer to the Rules of Golf, and in particular, those relating to Match Play.

The match result is determined in the same way as for individual Match Play. Although a scorecard is not officially required, players may choose to keep an official record.

Every Golf Club has Rules and Regulations pertained to the use of their premises, get to know ours below


1.            The Rules of Golf, the Local Rules and the By-Laws of the Club determine the Rules of Play.

2.            Unfinancial or Leave of Absence Members are not eligible to compete in any Competition.

3.            The Entrance fee for Competition Play will be determined by the Directors and is payable in advance. PENALTY: Disqualification.

4.            Competition Players are requested to report to the Starter at least TEN MINUTES prior to their scheduled starting time.

5.            Members should read the Notice Board before starting play, as they are deemed to be aware of all notices, local rules, etc that are posted. They should also check their handicap before playing and/or handing in their completed card with correct handicap shown on the card.

6.            The winner or winners of all Championships, shall, in the event of a tie occuring, be determined by a sudden death play, the Match Committee will determine the sudden death play off holes. Ties in all other events shall be determined in accordance with the countback principles recommended by Golf Australia.

7.            The Member’s handicap, current at the time of the Club Championship shall apply for all rounds, daily competitions to be played on current daily handicap.

8.            A player can win only one trophy in any one Championship event.

9.            The Fourball Match Play play-offs must be played on the dates set down in the Fixtures List, current handicaps to be applicable on the day of the match.

10.         Players are permitted to play in any 18 hole event once only. A player playing in the morning will be deemed to have played in the event with this round, even though he may play again in the afternoon. His afternoon round will not be eligible for the competition except under special circumstances authorised by the Match Committee.

11.         In the event of less than 12 cards being taken out for an event, the event is automatically switched to a Sweepstakes.

12.         Players SHALL RETURN all competition cards for handicapping purposes within 10 minutes of completing your final hole. Failure to do so will result in a Non Completed Round against your handicap record.

13.         Players with a booked time who are unable to attend should notify the Starter at the earliest possible time.  Starter telephone 07 3267 5885.

14.         A scorecard incorrectly marked or not signed by the Player or Marker is subject to disqualification. The Match Committee may alter a result but cannot alter a stroke score. Refer to Rule 6 – Players Responsibilities.

15.         Motorised golf cars are permitted in all events.

16.         The Match Committee, or in their absence, the General Manager may noise test or disqualify players whose motorised golf cars are excessively noisey or smokey.

17.         Championship rules apply to:

*  Club Championship                      *  B Grade Championship

*  C Grade Championship               *  D Grade Championship

*  Foursomes Championship           *  Senior Championship

*  Veteran Championship                *  Junior Championship

*  Nudgee Cup                                 *  Junior Foursomes Championship                                  

18.        Men.  Grades and Divisions for Championships and Saturday Competitions:

“A Grade”  0-9                       “B Grade”  10-15

“C Grade  16-20                    “D Grade” 21- 36

19.       Men.  Although an event may be advertised as “A”, “B”, “C” and “D” Grades, the Match Committee reserves the right to vary the division between Grades on the day of play, dependent on the number of starters.

*  Up to 75 Starters       - One Division

*  76 to 150 Starters      - Two Divisions

*  151 to 225 Starters    - Three Divisions

*  226 plus Starters       -  Four Divisions

*  200 on Saturdays      -  Four Divisions

Men.  The handicaps for two divisions will be:

           “A”  0-15         “B” 16-36

           The handicaps for three divisions will be: 

            “A”  0-13         “B” 14-20        “C”  21-36

           The handicaps for four divisions will be:

            "A" 0-9           "B" 10-15         "C"  16-20         "D"    21-36

20.       NUDGEE CUP

The handicap limit for this event is 24. Members in contention with a handicap higher then 24 will be adjusted back to give a final result. Normal A, B, C and D Grade events will be run in conjunction.  Nudgee Cup winner is determined with the Best Nett score.  If a tie occurs, an 18 hole playoff is required to be played at the set time the Match Committee decide.

21.         Unless otherwise determined by the Match Committee, trophies are awarded in all individual Medley events to the best score by a Member and the best score by a lady. In 4BBB Medley events trophies are awarded to the best score by a members pair and best score by a mixed or all lady pair.


A single stableford event conducted each month.  Grade winners qualify for the Presidents Trophy Final.  Finalists will be notified in writing.

23.         MONTHLY MEDAL

A single stroke event conducted each month.  Grade winners each month qualify for the Medal of Medals Final.  Finalists will be notified in writing.


*  Up to 75 Starters   One Division

*  76 plus Starters     Two Divisions

25.         NUDGEE PLATE

A Golf Queensland Angus Buchanan & Bill Kennedy (AB & WK) Event open to men and ladies with GA handicaps.  Single stroke best gross event. The winning best gross played from the Blue tee markers is the Nudgee Plate Winner, standard countback if a tie occurs.  The Nudgee Plate is played in conjunction with the daily competition, traditionally held on a Sunday in June.  No nomination form required to compete, players call or e-mail the club to book. Reserved tee times held for players off a 6 or less handicap. 

26.         The Conditions and Fixtures are subject to alteration by the Match Committee at its discretion. Full rules and conditions for major events will be displayed prior to the issue of timesheets.

27.         Only Members and Lady Members of Nudgee Golf Club Inc will be eligible to qualify for Mothers Day and Members Fourball Championships. Handicap Limits may apply.


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