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Club Update

At recent Board meetings, the Directors of our Club have begun discussing what we can do to ensure members and visitors at Nudgee are COVID safe when they come together to meet, play golf and use our facilities.

Yesterday, the Queensland Government released an update for licensed venues, including Nudgee Golf Club, which will apply from 17 December (in line with the population being 80% double dosed).

With our State opening up from that date, we are told that we can expect COVID-19 to be present in all our communities and that the best protection that we have against this potentially deadly virus is to be fully vaccinated.

The Board and Management of Nudgee Golf Club fully supports the federal and state governments’ endeavours to have vaccine rates as high as possible.

Every Board member has had both doses, and will soon be lining up for booster shots. All service providing staff members that you may encounter at our Club have had at least their first shot and most are double vaccinated.

Many of you have asked Board members what the Club was intending in terms of identifying if the people we are drawn to play golf with are vaccinated. As you would be aware, with timesheet-driven draws, any member can select a time to play golf with any other member or visitor on any competition day.

What we are going to do for now is to listen to your opinions and do everything we can to encourage all of our members here at the Club to get vaccinated. When you are next here at the Club you will see material similar to that appearing at the bottom of this note, displayed prominently and widely. The following is an extract from a note we received from Queensland Government:

To our sport and recreation colleagues

There’s so much to love about life in Queensland. We are imploring our sport and recreation clubs and organisations to help so that we can all keep doing the things we love by getting the COVID-19 vaccine. It’s the best  way to protect yourself and your community.

COVID-19 vaccines are safe, effective and free – which is why so many Queenslanders have already made the choice to be vaccinated. Combined with COVID safe behaviours, vaccines give us the best chance of keeping our community safe and help us to continue living the Queensland lifestyle.

We know that high rates of vaccination in our community will reduce the likelihood of infection and give greater protection for people who can’t be vaccinated.

It’s fast and free to get your COVID-19 vaccine at a Queensland Health vaccination location, local clinic, GP or pharmacy.

Help us spread the word! We ask that these important messages please be shared with your local sporting community so that we can boost vaccination rates and return to the things we enjoy. If you have active communication channels, we have attached a resource kit that you may use to encourage your members to heed the advice of Queensland Health and get vaccinated.

It will become increasingly important to have easy access to your vaccination status. If you’ve had a COVID-19 vaccination, you will see these recorded on your immunisation history statement. Find the best way to get proof of your COVID-19 vaccinations for your situation.

As we approach the festive silly season and the targets outlined on Queensland’s Vaccine Plan, let’s continue with COVID-safe behaviours to ensure those who haven’t yet been vaccinated are protected. Remember to wash your hands often, practise physical distancing, wear masks where required, stay home if you are sick and get tested if you have any COVID-19 symptoms.

As the advice from the State Government, Clubs Queensland and Golf Australia becomes clearer over the next few days and weeks in terms of impact on any members or visitors who are not fully vaccinated, we will communicate to you what our pathway for golf from 17 December will look like.

Nudge Golf Club Board