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Our Club participates in a range of male and female Pennant competitions throughout the year, whereby Members are selected to represent our Club in inter-Club competitions.

It is one of the few chances Members get to play in a team environment in golf.

All Pennant activities come under the remit of the Club Captain, with each team having a management structure to assist in the smooth running of each competition.

The different Pennant competitions have different selection criteria and processes depending on the format of each competition.

To be selected to play Pennant for Nudgee Golf Club is a privilege and one of the highest golfing honours a Member can aspire to at the Club.

With that privilege comes responsibilities.

As a Pennant player, you are representing the Club, not only in the competitive environment of the Pennant matches, but at all times that you attend other Clubs and host other Clubs at Nudgee.

The Pennant uniform should be worn with pride as it represents a significant achievement by the player. The Club has a great sleeve sponsor of our Pennant teams in Tangalooma Island Resort, who assists by contributing towards the cost of our uniforms. As a sign of commitment to the team and respect for the Club, each player also makes a contribution towards the cost of their uniform.

Each Pennant competition has specific rules and conditions the players are expected to comply with in addition to our Club’s code of conduct.

In addition to those requirements, the Club and Members rightfully expect that every Pennant player and their caddies and supporters will at all times be positive brand ambassadors for our great Club.

Being a brand ambassador is an important role for ensuring that the reputation and standing of Nudgee in the golfing community is maintained at the highest level and promoted in a manner consistent with the Club’s branding and messaging.

Behaviour consistent with this important role is considered a fundamental requirement of a Pennant player, caddy or supporter.

The Club wants every player to be proud of their selection and enjoy their participation in Pennant – GO NUDGEE!!

If you have any questions regarding Pennant, please speak to the Golf Shop team, the manager of the relevant team, the Ladies Events Group for ladies’ Pennant or myself.

David Young



If you are unable to play, but would like to be involved, there are 2 main ways:

  • CADDIES – having a good caddy can make a big difference to a player’s performance under the pressure of match play. It is also a great way to see some excellent golf up close and to be part of the team environment.

If you would like to caddy, please either talk to a player you may know or let the Golf Shop team know you would be interested so they can advise the relevant team managers.


  • SUPPORTERS – each team plays a number of away games at other Clubs and home games at Nudgee. This provides an excellent opportunity to come along and see the games and support our players.

If you go to an away game, it can be a chance to see other golf courses you would not normally get to see, as well as support your team (it is great for the players to see a lot of Nudgee shirts), and even go back to Nudgee to play after!

Many clubs have a strong supporter presence at their home games and this adds to the experience for everyone. We will be advising Members when the teams have home games so you can plan to watch some great golf. The 18th in particular is a great amphitheatre near the clubhouse to watch the matches come to an exciting conclusion!