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The Club financial year runs from 1st October to 30th September.

Since our 2 courses were completed we’ve upgraded 5 day members through to June 2023 to a 7 day membership.

At this point in time 7 day memberships are closed and are under constant review.

5 Day Membership is available and would give you first option to become a 7 day member once we start reviewing again.

Membership is activated upon full payment of Fees.

For Members who join outside the beginning of the financial year (1st October) The Subscription component is based on a Pro Rata monthly basis and is payable along with Levies and Insurance.

The Board of Directors will then formally approve your application at their monthly meeting and you will receive written confirmation of this by email shortly thereafter.

A company based in Sydney offers new and existing members the choice to pay subscription fees fee via monthly direct debit. Visit the  Pay As You Golf website for more information.

The Club also offers members the option to pay subscriptions in six monthly increments; an administrative fee of $100.00 will apply if you take this option.

Membership Application Form 2023 to 2024