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Thankyou ladies for taking the time to complete your Pennant Nomination. What a wonderful challenge we have this year with lots of new members and ladies competing for the teams. Overall we had 48 nominations for pennant across 6 teams with 10 of those nominees having previous experience representing Qld and Brisbane District at national and state match-play competitions. Our goal this year is to put the strongest team forward in each division in a bid to bring home all 6 flags along with considering maximum playing games for those top performers. I think you’ll all agree the depth we have this season is a great problem to have and makes for an exciting season ahead.

The ladies event group (LEG) caught up to discuss the nominations received, pennant regulations, recent playing history and pennant history for all players. Pennant Regulations are the most difficult to consider. Namely the rule that your number 5 player in Gold must be lower than your number 1 player in Silver along with handicap limits in all divisions. Therefore this means that a good portion of our selection has to be off GA handicap and given our time constraints, trials are not feasible. As such we are in a position to announce our teams earlier than expected. This gives all players time to plan their calendar for the next few months.

Welcome Day Agenda:

This year we want to take a collaborative approach to Pennant and ensure the teams can bond prior to the season starting and choose their own captains. Please join us at the Welcome Day to have some fun and hear all about the activities for our upcoming season.

Sunday 6th March 2pm

Time (approx) Agenda Who
2 – 2.20pm LEG
2.20- 2.50pm Team Ice-Breakers and nominate your team captain All
2.50 – 3pm Overview of Games on the course Pro Shop
3pm – 5pm Fun and Games out on the course Pro Shop


Team Selection

Teams have been selected based on what we know now with handicaps so we can decide on team captains and organise uniforms. The LEG will continue to review GA handicaps prior to the season starting to ensure these team makeups are appropriate (eg. Someone in Silver reduces their handicap lower than that of people already in gold or Bronze has team members reduce in or out of the handicap limits (18.6-26.0). Due to the smaller number of games this season (4/5 depending which division) we believe a team requires no more than 7 players. For some of you, that means you have missed out on representing a team as a player this year. We encourage you to still be involved in our pennant season by coming to our Welcome Day and getting involved with the teams by caddying or supporting them.


Friday GA Sunday GA
Jo Collins

Leigh Christensen

Karen Collings

Brenda Malcolm

Madonna Cameron

Sonia Swanepoel







Sheree Hasson

Ash McCourt

Brooke O’Keeffe

Lis Whitehouse

Kristen Eales

Fiona Bell

Georgie Marshall








Sharon Hickey

Janis Bishop

Suzie Gordon

Di Wilkins

Annie Moran

Ellie Mcintosh

Lois Hartington

Masitah Lennon









Margaret Anderson

Karen Jacklin

Andy Sparks

Kristine Silich

Liz Grant

Christine O’Brien

Andy Corcoran








Loretta Whyte

Denise Vera

Leesa Dawson

Kay Clifford

Robyn Yeo

Jenny Etheridge

Deb Lahawai








Anne Bracey

Anna Rautenbach

Carmel Sang

Sam Aarons

Nicky Vaisey

Sharon Bierschenk

Shele Dodd









Congratulations to all ladies that have been selected and we look forward to seeing you all at the Welcome Day on the 6th March.

For any queries regarding Pennant, the entire LEG group will be at the Welcome Day to discuss or for anything prior you can contact Ash at or 0400754566.

Kind Regards



Nudgee competes in the Brisbane and District Ladies’ Golf Association’s (BDLGA) annual Pennant competition.

The BDLGA runs 2 Pennant competitions:

  • Midweek – held on Fridays (running from April to June)
  • Weekend – held on Sundays (running from May to June)

Each competition has 3 divisions:

  • Gold – played ‘off the stick’ (maximum handicap of GA12)
  • Silver – played off handicaps at full difference (maximum handicap of GA18.5)
  • Bronze – played off handicaps at full difference (handicap range of GA18.6 to GA26)

Each team has 5 players plus reserves.

All matches are played in a match play format and the minimum age for a competitor is 13.

Each Club hosts all the other clubs in their division on the day of play, meaning that all the teams play at the one club on the same day.

Nudgee therefore hosts each division once per season and on that day we ask other players to attend to help host the day.

More information regarding the competition history, format and rules can be found at

Nudgee will aim to enter teams in each division in both competitions, meaning we will have up to 6 teams. Given each team needs 5 players plus reserves, we will be seeking up to 42 players plus caddies.

We take the Pennant competition seriously and have a selection process to ensure the best match play players / team focussed players / brand ambassadors are selected to represent our club.

As a guideline, the process is likely to include (specific dates and activities may vary):

  • January – invites will be emailed to all ladies with relevant handicaps
  • February – Welcome Challenge event held so all potential players can meet and compete in fun events
  • February / March – trials (if required) will be held at Nudgee
  • March – team selections and uniform presentations
  • March / April – various training and team building events held with input from the Club’s Professional team
  • April / May / June – matches played
  • August / September – end of season event to celebrate our team’s achievements

Pennant involves a significant process and commitment. It is an honour to represent the Club and therefore to be part of the squad a player is being asked to commit to the team based approach before accepting their invite at the start of the process.