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Course development update – July 2020

The project is progressing well with Stage 2 almost completely turfed and stage 3 starting approximately 8 weeks ago. Construction activity has seen minimal disruption due to COVID-19. Purchasing in advance of some materials has continued to avoid any potential delays.

Achievements in stage 2:

  • 4 new greens have been built
  • 9 bunkers have been constructed
  • Over 48,525sqm of turf has been laid
  • new waterways have been built and connected to the existing network
  • 2 new bridges have been installed
  • 63,458 tube stock, water reeds & trees have been planted
  • 989sqm of concrete paths have been poured

Construction so far

Our experiences with the new completed holes and the various temporary arrangements with the new greens have drawn many positive comments, mostly around the quality and challenge of the new golf courses. We have now planted over 110,000 plants of various description and type, including plants to the banks of the water bodies and some within the water bodies.

There is now an increasing emphasis on planting trees throughout areas of rough to provide more definition to the course, with 1000 trees to be planted in the near future. Members will see 6ft wooden stakes in place to protect the new trees and the Board would like all members to please be mindful of these new trees when playing. As the course emerges out of dormancy through winter and into some warmer weather, the new plantings, greens, tees and fairways growth will be at a premium, giving us a further feel for how the overall course will look when fully established.


The Board would like to remind members, as we come back to golf after COVID-19 that the co-operation of members remains vitally important to keep the work site and course safe during construction.

We must recognise the importance of avoiding work zones. The importance of this will increase with the opening of new holes, but again we ask, please follow the signs and stay out of the construction zones. As we have mentioned previously, the current Stage 3 is likely to be the most difficult to manoeuvre around in terms of providing a composite course for play as the majority of the work is concentrated in the middle of the former North golf course.

Project Schedule

Stage 3 works, is the largest stage and is well under way with a focus on building greens to capture the most favourable growing conditions in the months ahead. The transition to Stage 4 is planned to commence in December.

Stage 2 Complete

Golf Holes

Stage 2 works; 5 Greens complexes are complete (East 6th, West 1st) with work continuing on West 5th and West 9th along with various tees, fairways and water course realignment.

The East 6th hole (near the 14th North Course) is complete and growing in nicely and was in play, 31st July 2020.

The East 7th tees are complete and are in play now. The fairway bunkers on the left have been removed to provide for a shared fairway with the East 9th hole. New irrigation has been installed, which will result in a marked improvement to the existing fairway.

The West 6th tees & fairway have been grassed with play commencing in September.

The West 9th (currently 27th hole) constructing a new green complex and cart path wrapping around the top side of the green has been completed. Construction of the tee complex will start at the end of September with a target of being in play by mid November.

The West 8th will follow the West 9th construction. The new par 5 green complex, 100m of fairway and completion of the waterway will link back to the already completed fairway for this hole.

Irrigation System

Significantly, as part of Stage 2 the new irrigation pumps and control station have been installed in the new maintenance shed. The new irrigation system, when fully operational, will have the capacity to deliver 80ltr of water per second compared to the current system of 8ltr per second.

Tree Protection and Clearing

In compliance with the Brisbane City Council (BCC) Natural Assets Local Law (NALL) requirements, tree protection zone fencing for stage 3 has been erected.

Stage 3 Timing

Stage 3 works (Fig 6) is a highly visible stage from the clubhouse with a schedule of works to run for approximately 30 weeks. The area includes the North 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 11th and small practice area. Fig 6 below indicates the size of the next stage with 7 new greens to be built during this stage.

We are collaborating closely with the civil contractors and our architect, James Wilcher with regards to the next stage and what holes are available for play during this period. It is an extremely complex stage, given it is in the middle of the new work and at this time of year with limited growth because of the cooler weather; some areas we would have liked to be available for play, have taken longer than expected to be ready.

This has meant that the configuration of holes to play is changing (sometimes from week to week) to suit the best holes available for play. Whilst this is an exciting period with the opportunity to play new holes as they become ready for golf, it is equally important to ensure all members follow the directional signs. Members must book into timesheets for either competition or social play and check into the golf shop upon arrival to ensure you play the correct holes. This will be vitally important to managing the safety of all members whilst on site.