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Course development update – October 2019

Welcome to the second quarterly report covering the construction of the new golf courses. I am very pleased to report on behalf of the Nudgee Board, as it is a continuing good news story to date. The project has progressed well as we approach the transition between current construction zones to our next stage. The completion of stage 1, inside the work zone will occur in early next year with the exciting news that we will play some new holes starting January.

Project Schedule
The scheduled completion date for stage 1inside the work zone is currently due for December 9th.

We appreciate the ongoing co-operation of members in terms of keeping the work site and course safe during construction. Please follow the signs, and stay out of the construction zones. This focus on safety will remain a priority for the Board until the completion of the project. The Contractors have reported some people are not observing the safety signs and fencing and trying to retrieve balls. We ask that all golfers refrain from doing so.

Course Tour & Volunteers
The course tours have been a great initiative and widely accepted as a behind the scenes view.

Construction so far:
From looking over the fence or otherwise from participating in members guided inspections it is becoming apparent how the new holes are going to look. We have now planted 30,000 plants of various description and type including plants to the banks of the water bodies and some within the water bodies. In the case of the course no. 2 7th wetland this is giving the hole a reasonably mature feel already. A lack of rain is making the task of keeping the plants (and new grass) a more difficult job.

Next Stage Timing
We will transition to the next part of construction from December 9th with the traditional North course 1st green becoming a construction zone. The 1st hole will be a par 3 to the existing practice fairway green and then a walk to the 2nd tee.

New holes being brought into play in the first week of January will include the new 4th, 7th and 8th (as a par 4), 12th and on the 2nd course the new 7th green. This is a transition course and will likely change progressively over the few months following as other new holes become playable.

In compliance with the BCC Natural Assets Local Law (NALL) requirements, tree protection zone fencing for the next stage may be erected during December. This will be followed by ‘sign off’ by BCC providing for the next stage of works to proceed.