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Course development update – January 2020

The project has continued to progress well with the completion of Stage 1 works and commencement of Stage 2.

With Stage 1 complete, and the first new holes and greens in play, construction has now moved to Stage 2 work zone. As reported in the annual report the following has occurred in stage 1.

  • 7 new greens have been built
  • 12 bunkers have been constructed
  • 62,150sqm of grass has been laid
  • new waterways have been built
  • 3 new bridges have been put in place
  • 58,000 trees & grasses have been planted
  • over 1000sqm of concrete paths have been poured

One of the best things that happened during construction was the course-works tours. Many members came out and stood in bunkers at various stages of construction, walked on the clay bases of greens, and helped tie down growing mats for the stolons that grow into greens.

They saw playing lines from the new tee boxes, thousands of new plants, mulched roughs and irrigation trenches. They saw machines contouring fairways, so that storm water will be shed into ponds and waterways. Here’s a “Did you know?”- At the completion of the project, our usable water storage capacity jumps from the current 50 mega litres in our dam, to 75 mega litres from the dam and new waterways.

On 11th January this year, new holes were opened for play on our rotation. Matt Dawson hit the first shot, Janice Bishop had the first birdie and members and their guests began to enjoy the beauty of the James Wilcher design. In a few months’ time, the 1st hole will be back in action, better than ever with a putting surface twice the size of the old green.

Project Schedule

Stage 1 various works activities were completed in the main between the 9th and 15th December, with some grassing delayed until early January. Stage 2 works commenced and followed on immediately from stage 1.


We appreciate the ongoing co-operation of members in terms of keeping the work site and course safe during construction. We know the challenge of avoiding work zones has increased with the opening of new holes, but again ask members to please follow the signs and stay out of the construction zones.

This focus on safety will remain a priority for the Board until the completion of the project. The Contractors have reported some people are not observing the safety signs and fencing. We ask that all golfers refrain from doing so.

Course Tour & Volunteers

With new holes in play we are now getting to sample and experience the new golf challenges. If there is a particular desire to view the construction more closely work please contact Darren. There are opportunities for some volunteer member involvement in nurturing parts of the new work – again please contact Darren if interested.

Construction so far:

The quality of the new golf course is becoming apparent with the release of the new golf holes and various other arrangements bringing new greens into play. We have now planted 60,000 plants of various description and type, including plants to the banks of the water bodies and some within the water bodies. With recent rains and the warmer weather, these are growing quickly, giving us a real feel for how the overall course will look.

Next Stage Timing

Stage 2 works is well underway and 5 Greens complexes will be completed (#1West, #6East, #5West, #8West and #9West), along with various tees, fairways and water course realignment. Significantly in Stage 2 the new Irrigation pumps and control station will be installed. We envisage transitioning from Stage 2 to Stage 3 during June and early July.

In compliance with the BCC Natural Assets Local Law (NALL) requirements, tree protection zone fencing for the next stage may be erected during April and May. This will be followed by ‘sign off’ by BCC providing for the next stage of works to proceed.